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pet anxiety

Can CBD help your pet’s anxiety?

Got a nervous pet? Does Fido pace and whine when it’s bedtime? Does Fluffy cry at the top of her lungs when you leave the

cbd for epilepsy and seizures

CBD for Seizures – Can CBD Help With Epileptic Seizures?

Can CBD help with seizures? Science says: yes. As of this moment, there is exactly one CBD-based medication that’s approved federally by the FDA. It’s

CBD for dogs arthritis & skin issues

How CBD may help your dog’s arthritis and skin issues

Here at shopCBD, we love dogs. They bring a really special kind of joy into your life. The bond between dog and owner is a

cbd gummies stress and anxiety

Stressed and anxious? CBD gummies may be able to help

CBD gummies for stress and anxiety Stress and anxiety are at an all-time high these days. With longer hours and more demanding careers, many people

banner blog topical

CBD Topicals: What’s in it for you

CBD is everywhere, and these days it’s in everything – from dog treats, to softgels, to topical creams and lotions. With so many options available,

cbd pets blog

CBD for my pet: risks and benefits

CBD: not just for humans anymore. More and more people are turning to natural remedies to help their furry friends, and CBD is one of