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CBD for dogs arthritis & skin issues

How CBD may help your dog’s arthritis and skin issues

Here at shopCBD, we love dogs. They bring a really special kind of joy into your life. The bond between dog and owner is a

pet anxiety

Can CBD help your pet’s anxiety?

Got a nervous pet? Does Fido pace and whine when it’s bedtime? Does Fluffy cry at the top of her lungs when you leave the

benefits of cbd oil with thc

The Benefits of CBD Oil With THC

By now, you’ve probably already heard about the benefits of CBD oil. If you’re familiar with cannabinoids, you may already be aware of both CBD

cbd oil benefits

CBD Oil Benefits

Depending on who you ask, CBD can do just about anything. People say it fixes everything from insomnia to hyperactive dogs. But since CBD is

is cbd oil legal

Is CBD Oil Legal?

With all the buzz (or, I guess, lack thereof) surrounding CBD, a lot of people are interested in trying it out. It’s reported to be

banner blog topical

CBD Topicals: What’s in it for you

CBD is everywhere, and these days it’s in everything – from dog treats, to softgels, to topical creams and lotions. With so many options available,

cbd for epilepsy and seizures

CBD for Seizures – Can CBD Help With Epileptic Seizures?

Can CBD help with seizures? Science says: yes. As of this moment, there is exactly one CBD-based medication that’s approved federally by the FDA. It’s

Blog cbd for tattoos

Can CBD help with tattoos?

I have a lot of tattoos. I love the experience of getting them, of choosing a design and working with an artist to develop a

cbd oil chronic pain opioid alternative

CBD Oil for Chronic Pain: An Opioid Alternative?

It’s no surprise to anyone reading the news that there is a public health crisis surrounding opiate use in the United States. Addiction rates and

how to use bcd oil for pain

How to use CBD oil for pain

Pain gets in the way of everything. When you’re in pain, whether it’s muscle pain, back pain, headaches, or chronic pain, it can be hard