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When it comes to CBD, edibles are one of the best (and most fun) ways to take it. But besides edibles, there’s a whole world of drinkables out there, too. For those who don’t drink alcohol but still want something fun to bring to the next dinner party, or just those who want to add a CBD boost to their morning coffee or smoothie, CBD beverages are on the rise as one of the preferred methods of ingesting CBD. But which should you choose? Should you mix up your own drinks, or get something pre-made? Are you more of a soda person or a coffee person? There are lots of questions around CBD drinks and beverages. Lucky for you, that’s why we prepared this guide to the Best CBD Drinks of 2019. Sodas Looking for a zero-prep, ready-to-drink CBD beverage? These CBD Sodas and Sparkling Waters will hit the spot. Refreshing, delicious, and requiring absolutely no effort at all – these CBD sodas are sure to please even the pickiest beverage connoisseur.
  1. CBD Tangerine Sparkling Water 25mg – From the expert craft beverage producers at Weller, this tangerine sparkling water contains natural flavoring, plant and herbal extracts, and a whopping 25mg of broad spectrum CBD.
  2. CBD Black Cherry Sparkling Water 25mg – Also from our friends at Weller, this black cherry sparkling water contains 25mg of broad spectrum CBD, natural flavorings, and clocks in at a guilt-free zero calories, zero carbs, and zero sugar.
  3. CBD Watermelon Sparkling Water 25mg – For the ultimate CBD refreshment, look no further than this watermelon CBD sparkling water from Weller. Just like the others from Weller, it contains 25mg broad spectrum CBD, and zero calories, carbs or sugar.
Coffee Ready to enhance your mornings with a healthy CBD boost? Check out our favorite CBD-infused coffees of 2019 – including whole bean and ground, light roast and dark, and everything in between. Whether you want to perk up in the morning, or get a little energy after dinner, these CBD coffees are sure to hit the spot.
  1. CBD Hemp Flower Coffee 2.5oz – We love this product because it’s the perfect blend of premium Colombian coffee and cannabinoid-rich hemp flowers. Featuring the rich flavors of chocolate, caramel and hazlenut that will have you coming back for more. This coffee will you a gentle boost of energy without any of the jitters. Directions: use two tbsp of coffee for every six ounces of water.
  2. CBD Dark Roast The Midnight Oil 90mg – Prefer a darker roast with a more robust flavor? This CBD Dark Roast The Midnight Oil from SteepFuze contains a full 90mg of CBD per bag, and clocks in at a super-affordable $18.99. Available in both pre-ground and whole-bean.
  3. CBD Light Roast Coarse Santa Rosa Honduras 360mg – for a light roast that’s definitely not light on CBD, this CBD coffee from SteepFuze is sure to hit the spot. Available pre-ground for your convenience, or in whole-bean for those who value freshness.
Tea If tea is more your style, we’ve got you covered there too. Whether you want to kickstart your morning with a CBD-infused black tea, or relax at night with an herbal blend, there’s a little something for everyone on shopCBD.
  1. CBD Black Tea Blend 180mg -Similar to an Irish Breakfast-style tea, this CBD-infused black tea blend offers 180mg of CBD isolate in 3oz/85g of tea. Perfect for your mornings, for an added CBD boost to start your day.
  2. CBD Hibiscus Berry 180mg – If you’re more of an after-dinner tea drinker, or simply prefer something without caffeine, check out this Hibiscus Berry loose tea from SteepFuze. Contains 180mg of CBD, hibiscus flowers, rose hips, and bilberries. No added flavors or sugars.
Powders and mixes If you’ve got the DIY spirit and you’re looking to mix up your very own CBD concoctions, check out this selection of CBD powders and mixes – some make for a fantastic cup of cocoa, and some can be mixed into just about anything.
  1. CBD Powder Dream Cocoa 30 Pack 5mg – With colder weather settling in across the country, it’s decidedly time for some hot cocoa. This cocoa mix from Elixinol contains 5mg of full spectrum CBD, and it’s 100% caffeine free – perfect for warming up and relaxing by the fire.
  2. CBD Powder Create Berry 30 Pack 10mg – This morning blend of berry-flavored CBD powder mixes effortlessly into liquids, hot or cold – perfect for starting your day with a cup of tea or a smoothie. 10mg of full spectrum CBD per pack.
Shots Looking for a potent, drinkable CBD boost that fits right in your pocket? These CBD shots are super-portable, and deliver 20mg of full spectrum CBD hemp oil. Not to mention, they taste fantastic.
  1. Berry CBD Chill Shot 20mg – Chill out with this CBD Chill Shot from CBDfx. Packed with l-theanine and CBD-rich hemp extract, they’re delicious, portable and effective.
  2. Lemonade CBD Chill Shot 20mg – When life gives you lemons, take this CBD Lemonade Chill Shot for a spin to help you get through tough times.
And there you have it – our roundup of the Best CBD Drinks of 2020. While we’ve played favorites a little bit here, we’re sure you’ll love any of these CBD beverages. Try a CBD drinkable today.

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