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Best for Pain & Inflammation

Millions of Americans are enjoying CBD for their chronic pain, muscle pain, back pain and more, but what does science have to say? Does CBD really help relieve pain & inflammation? Our team has undertaken countless hours of research to answer this question. 

According to research CBD promises to help people manage their pain. As a natural anti-inflammatory CBD has demonstrated to help with chronic pain, inflammation, and infinite inflammatory related ailments. 

The National Cancer Institute mentions CBD as a possible solution for pain relief in patients, pointing to a study that found a CBD extract “was efficacious for pain relief in advanced cancer patients”.  Additionally, another 2018 study reported that cannabinoids, including CBD, were effective in reducing chronic neuropathic pain. In perhaps the most promising finding as it relates to pain relief, a 2016 study published in the European Journal of Pain found that CBD gel, when applied to the skin, reduced both pain and inflammation.

With all that said, our team went ahead and evaluated hundreds of CBD products to identify the best products suited to relieve pain and inflammation:

Our Top 5 Recommendations

Turmeric Rosemary Extract 1000mg
CBD Drops Relief
CBD Rapid Cooling Cream 750mg
CBD Salve Plant Balm 420mg
Turmeric Gummies 300mg

How We Researched Them

We partnered with one the largest CBD shops in the USA to compare hundreds of products available on the market. Their team examined CBD contents, ingredients, manufacturing origin, and lab test results to shortlist the best brands and products on the market. The result; the best mix of safe and reliable CBD products which we’re proud to talk about to make your journey into CBD as effective as possible.

Can CBD Help With Pain & Inflammation

According to a number of publication CBD ha been shown to reduce inflammation. In addition to research, anecdotal evidence also shows positive results from people who have found relief from taking CBD daily to relieve chronic pain and inflammation.

Oils vs Creams vs Edibles

Why choose CBD oil rather than gummies, creams, or other forms? The key is what we call bioavailability. In other words: absorption. When used properly, CBD oils provide higher rates of absorption than edibles. However if you suffer from joint pain or muscle pain, creams can be even more effective since they can be applied directly on the area of your body that needs relief. Like everything else, it may take several attempts to find the best product suited for your needs. 

Everyone’s sensitivity levels are slightly different, some people will see results after a single serving while may need to consume CBD for a few days to see results. In addition to this the amount of CBD needed will also vary from one person to the next. Thankfully there is no shortage of choice on the market. Products range from 300mg to 3000mg giving you plenty of options to find your own balance. 

CBD Oil Turmeric Rosemary Extract 1000mg

From Kanabia

This product sits at the top of our list because of its anti-inflammatory properties.  In addition to full spectrum CBD this product contains turmeric and rosemary extracts that naturally reduce inflammation. As a full spectrum product, this product contains a full range of cannabinoids and phytocannabinoids such as CBD, CBDV, CBG and THCV as well as terpenes and flavonoids. 

CBD Drops Relief 720mg

From Plant People

CBD Drops Relief from Plant People is also one of our top rated products. It contains Turmeric, Black Pepper and Ginger which are great for anyone who suffers from chronic pain and inflammation. These natural anti-inflammatories combined with CBD offer a powerful relief experience. Plant People brought to market an exceptional product which we’re excited to share.

CBD Rapid Cooling Cream 750mg

From Medterra

If you suffer from muscle pain, chronic pain, or need to recover from a sports injury this product is for you. Medterra’s Rapid Cooling Cream contains plant extract and oils that have been carefully selected to improve your circulation in addition to the CBD which has anti-inflammatory properties. This product is made from CBD isolate which means it contains no THC whatsoever. 

CBD Salve Plant Balm 420mg

From Plant People

This balm is one of our favorite balms on the market. It contains powerful essential oils as well as 420mg of CBD. Ingredients include extra virgin coconut oil which will keep your skin hydrated as well as camphor which naturally relieves pain and swelling. As a full spectrum product this product also contain a number of other cannabinoids that help with localized pain relief.

Turmeric Spirulina CBD Gummies 300mg

From CBDfx

Spirulina and Turmeric are two super ingredients that naturally help reduce inflammation. Combined with CBD this mix offers one of the best products for on-the-go relief for micro-dosing CBD.  While gummies typically offer less bioavailability than oils or creams, this product has been getting exceptional feedback and is worthy of appearing on our list of best products.