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CBD for stress and anxiety: does it work?

CBD for stress and anxiety: does it work?

People from all different walks of life have been asking if CBD is the right choice from them. Today, we’d like to help you figure out

CBD oil uses

CBD Oil Uses: How to get the most from your CBD oil

With interest in CBD oil at an all-time high, more and more people are interested in trying it for lots of different purposes – from

ingredients and sourcing

CBD you can trust – ingredients and sourcing

When you’re buying something you’re going to ingest, you need to be able to trust where it comes from. Whether it’s food, medicine, supplements, CBD,

best cbd drinks 2020

Best CBD Drinks in 2020

When it comes to CBD, edibles are one of the best (and most fun) ways to take it. But besides edibles, there’s a whole world

best cbd lotion 2020

Best CBD Lotions in 2020

Whether you’re enjoying balmy weather this holiday season, or are bundling up and braving the cold, you’re likely in need of some hydration. Quenching your

benefits of cbd oil with thc

The Benefits of CBD Oil With THC

By now, you’ve probably already heard about the benefits of CBD oil. If you’re familiar with cannabinoids, you may already be aware of both CBD

cbd oil benefits

CBD Oil Benefits

Depending on who you ask, CBD can do just about anything. People say it fixes everything from insomnia to hyperactive dogs. But since CBD is

is cbd oil legal

Is CBD Oil Legal?

With all the buzz (or, I guess, lack thereof) surrounding CBD, a lot of people are interested in trying it out. It’s reported to be

banner blog topical

CBD Topicals: What’s in it for you

CBD is everywhere, and these days it’s in everything – from dog treats, to softgels, to topical creams and lotions. With so many options available,

cbd for epilepsy and seizures

CBD for Seizures – Can CBD Help With Epileptic Seizures?

Can CBD help with seizures? Science says: yes. As of this moment, there is exactly one CBD-based medication that’s approved federally by the FDA. It’s