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CBD: not just for humans anymore. More and more people are turning to natural remedies to help their furry friends, and CBD is one of the hottest among them.

But you might have some questions before you get started with CBD for your pet.

Questions like:

Is it safe?

Will it even do anything?

Are there any risks?

It’s important to be careful when it comes to your pets – what works for us might not always work for them, and vice versa.

So, it’s good that you’re asking questions. It pays off to be extra-careful. Lucky for you, we’ve already done the research. So, as always – you’ve got CBD questions, and we’ve got answers.

Let’s go through them, one by one:

Is it safe to give my pet CBD?

Short answer: yes.

Long answer: yes, because pets like dogs and cats (even birds and lizards!) have endocannabinoid systems just like we do, and they metabolize CBD in the same way.

That means that the effects of CBD are more or less the same in animals as they are in humans.

But chances are your pet is a lot smaller than you are, so you should adjust their serving accordingly.

For example: if you weigh 150lbs and usually take 15mg of CBD, that’s 0.1mg of CBD per pound of body weight. With that same formula, your 35lb dog needs only 3.5mg of CBD to produce the same effect. Your 9lb cat needs even less.

As with anything you plan to give your pet, it’s always best to consult with your vet first.

Will it even do anything?

While research is still being conducted, there are already some extremely promising results when it comes to CBD for animals.

According to a Cornell University study, dogs that were treated with CBD “showed a significant decrease in pain and increase in activity” after taking CBD oil. This study was specific to dogs with osteoarthritis, but shows promise for any animals experiencing pain or inflammation (or both!).

Cornell is also working on a new study specific to felines. Stay tuned for more details.

Similar findings were reported by the European Journal of Pain (which, incidentally, is also the name of my travel diary from last year), who found that CBD relieved pain and inflammation in mice.

So, while further research needs to be done, signs point to CBD being extremely helpful for animals experiencing pain or inflammation.

There are promising indications that CBD can also help pets with anxiety. According to our friends at Pet Releaf, CBD has potential to help pets calm down and relieve anxiety by allowing endocannabinoid receptors to interact with one another.

Are there any risks?

While CBD is completely, 100% safe for pets, animals can be sensitive to THC. That means you definitely want to avoid giving your pet a THC edible or topical of any kind.

But does that rule out full-spectrum CBD, which contains traces of THC and other cannabinoids?

Not exactly.

Every product on contains less than 0.3% THC. That makes it both legal at the federal level, and safe for anyone – even pets.

But if you’d like to be 100% safe, we also offer a selection of CBD Isolate Pet Products.

Just like people, every pet is different. That means what works for Fido might not work for Spot. The only way to know for sure what CBD can do for your pets is to try it for yourself.

As always, we recommend consulting with your vet before trying anything new with your animals.