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For many people, managing anxiety is a daily struggle. It’s something that colors every aspect of their lives. For those living with anxiety, simple things like going out with friends or even ordering a cup of coffee can prove to be huge challenges.

More people than ever report suffering from anxiety on a regular basis. With anxiety on the rise, there are more and more solutions and remedies coming onto the market.

Many of those remedies involve powerful pharmaceuticals like Xanax and Ativan. But for those who are looking for a more natural, non-prescription solution, listen up: CBD oil for anxiety might be exactly what you needed.

What is CBD oil?

First things first – what is CBD oil? To understand how it might help with anxiety, we first need to know what it is!

Simply put, it’s an extract of the hemp or cannabis plant (in our case, the hemp plant) that contains a highly-concentrated amount of CBD.

It gets extracted from the plant, usually using a solvent which subsequently is distilled off.

In oil form, it can be added to food and drink, or for a quicker effect, taken sublingually (under the tongue). When taken under the tongue, it takes effect much faster, and the bioavailability is higher.

So now we know what CBD oil is. But how about what it can do?

Does it help with anxiety?

More research related to CBD oil and anxiety is coming out every day. We’re currently experiencing a cultural renaissance around CBD and cannabis, and we couldn’t be more excited.

So what does the science say?

Here are a few excerpts from studies related to CBD oil and anxiety:

The Brazilian Journal of Psychiatry found that “Reduced anxiety has also been one of the compound’s most consistently observed effects in both animal models and human studies.”

They also stated that “anxiolytic-like effects have been observed” in multiple different types of studies, meaning they saw reduced anxiety in subjects in a number of different studies.

In a recent trial, they found that treating patients with a high dose of CBD “significantly reduced anxiety, cognitive impairment, and distress” during stressful activity.

There are lots more studies for you to read up on related to CBD oil and anxiety, but the general consensus seems to be that may be big potential for treating anxiety with CBD oil.

Why CBD oil instead of a gummy?

While CBD gummies can be used for anxiety, more and more people are choosing a CBD oil to treat their anxiety.

CBD gummies are great for providing a regular, consistent serving – for example, if you know you will struggle with anxiety daily, consider working a CBD gummy into your daily routine.

But for those who want to use CBD on a situational basis, only when they need it, CBD oils are the way to go.

The main reason you’d want to choose a CBD oil over a CBD gummy is if you need fast-acting relief.

Since CBD oils are taken sublingually, they take effect much faster than edibles, and they also deliver more total CBD into your bloodstream – they don’t have to pass through your digestive system or liver.

We’re seeing more and more potential for CBD oil and anxiety every day, and shopCBD is excited to be on the forefront of these new developments. Try CBD oil for your anxiety today.