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When you’re buying something you’re going to ingest, you need to be able to trust where it comes from.

Whether it’s food, medicine, supplements, CBD, or anything else; if you’re going to consume it, you need to have confidence in the company that produced it or sold it to you.

Trust is important to us. We know that CBD is a new market, whose boundaries and practices are being defined every day. We’re leading the charge on transparent, trustworthy business practices in the CBD marketplace. Because research is ongoing, we know you have a lot of questions about CBD and where it comes from. We’re here to answer those questions up front – because when it comes to wellness, you deserve to know what you’re getting. You deserve comprehensive information, and product curation that emphasizes quality, safety and honesty.

And trustworthy CBD starts at the source – the plant, and the ingredients that go with it.

How did it get made? Was it lab tested? What was it tested for? Are any other ingredients added to it?

These are all questions you should be asking yourself, or asking to your CBD supplier.

Where is it grown?

To best understand where your CBD comes from, you have to look at the whole supply chain – from seed to shelf.

So where does the world’s best hemp come from?

It depends what it’s being used for.

Growing hemp with the intent of extracting CBD for consumption is a relatively new practice. And it’s only become legal in the US since 2018. Lots of other places in the world grow hemp – Western Europe and China being two of the biggest producers – but those plants are predominantly intended for industrial use; stuff like fiber, hempcrete and textiles.

Hemp grown specifically for CBD consumption, at large scale, only exists in the USA.

But hemp is hemp, right? Doesn’t it end up with the same plant, regardless of what it’s grown for?

Not exactly.

Hemp is a bioaccumulator (more on that in a minute), which means if you’re going to consume it, you need to cultivate very specific soil conditions for the hemp products to be edible.

If it’s only going to be spun into fiber, you don’t need to worry too much about the soil condition. But if it’s destined to become CBD products, you need a grower, and a growing location, that you can trust absolutely.

Extraction Method

After the hemp is grown, CBD gets extracted from the plant.

But not all extraction methods are created equal.

The most common way to extract CBD is with a solvent of some kind, whether that’s ethanol, butane, propane, or isopropyl alcohol. It’s one of the fastest and easiest ways to extract cannabinoids from plant material, but the downside is that it can be dangerous – working with heat and solvents of any kind can pose a risk of explosion or fire. More importantly for you as a consumer, if solvent-extracted CBD isn’t treated very carefully, it can contain residual solvents. The last thing you want in your CBD is some leftover propane. That’s why trustworthy CBD retailers, like shopCBD, always test for residual solvents (along with a bunch of other stuff, like toxins, pesticides and more). If products don’t meet our precise standards, we don’t sell them – period.

The old-school way to extract CBD is with olive oil. You start by heating the plant material to release the cannabinoids, in a process called decarboxylation. Once decarbed, the plant material gets combined with olive oil and heated again. The previously-released cannabinoids are then extracted into the oil. CBD and other cannabinoids are fat-soluble, so it makes sense that they extract easily with olive oil. However, olive oil extractions are generally not very potent, and they’re also perishable – they’ll go bad long before a tincture or solvent-extracted oil would.

Finally, there’s CO2 extraction. It’s considered by many to be the best way to extract CBD, because it’s safe, efficient, and produces highly-concentrated CBD oil with very few, or no, impurities. The main downside to CO2 extraction is that the equipment is expensive, but it’s worth it for the quality CBD extract it produces.

No matter what extraction method is used, it’s important to know that the CBD has been tested for quality, impurities and strength. If your CBD isn’t lab tested, ideally by a third party, there’s no way to completely trust what you’re ingesting. That’s why shopCBD tests our products to make sure, every time.

The best ingredients (and the good sense to show them)

As with anything you consume, quality CBD starts with the ingredients. Along with premium CBD oil extracted using cutting-edge techniques, many of our products contain additional healthy ingredients like turmeric and lavender.

We believe strongly in the products we carry, and the ingredients that go into them. That’s why we show a full list of ingredients on every single product page. If a CBD product doesn’t list their ingredients, ask yourself – “what are they hiding?”

And because we know your healthy lifestyle doesn’t stop with CBD, you can sort our products by Vegan and Non-GMO. Finding healthy, high-quality CBD that matches your lifestyle and diet just got a whole lot easier.


Like we mentioned earlier, the hemp plant is a bioaccumulator. What that means is that it absorbs any substances found in its environment. So if there are any impurities like pesticides or toxins found in the soil a hemp plant is growing in, chances are the plant itself will also contain those chemicals.

That’s why buying CBD from an untrusted source is potentially dangerous – you might save a couple bucks, but you’ll have no idea what impurities might be in your CBD. You could be consuming pesticides, mycotoxins, heavy metals or bacteria.

Lab testing

So how do you know if you can trust your CBD supplier? There’s one way to know for sure: lab testing. Specifically, third-party lab testing. Anybody can say their products are great. But a truly trustworthy and confident brand will show you that their products are great. That’s why shopCBD tests our products; so there’s no doubt that everything we sell is made from quality hemp, using quality extraction processes. So there’s no doubt that the products we sell contain everything they’re supposed to, and nothing they don’t. So there’s no doubt that your CBD products are safe and effective, every time.  

CBD solutions you can trust

There’s one really important reason that we’re mentioning all of this – because we care about CBD. We believe in our heart of hearts that CBD can be a fantastic addition to any lifestyle. We want you to have access to premium CBD at a price you can afford. We want to make information about CBD free and accessible everywhere, because we want to share the CBD gospel with the world.

We really believe in this stuff. That’s why we’re sharing everything we’ve learned with you. And that’s why we’re committed to bringing you reliable, safe CBD solutions you can trust.